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SP01 Design launches its first outdoor furniture collection

SP01 Design launches its first outdoor furniture collection

Designed by Australian designer Tom Fereday, SP01 Outdoor is an elegant series of chairs, tables and stools. Made in Italy by leading manufacturers, the range was designed and tested to withstand the toughest of environments – the Australian outdoors.

Following from the success of its launch collection in February 2016, the team at SP01 have worked with Australian designer Tom Fereday for their second range, SP01 Outdoor. Fereday is a rising star of industrial design and was ideal for designing this collection. He has worked on a diverse range of projects and as an Australian has an innate understanding the impact environment can place on outdoor furniture.

Proximity to the sea and exposure all year round to the elements provides challenges for furniture to survive, so having an Australian designer work on the collection brings a feeling of confidence. We then spent an enormous amount of time making sure the manufacturing process exceeded international standards.
— Matt Lorrain, SP01's Head of Product Development and Design

As with the original collection,  SP01 Outdoor is 100% manufactured in Italy using leading manufacturers.

SP01 has taken extraordinary steps to ensure the product is superior in quality. For example, salt mist testing for this collection was done for 1500 hours. To put this in context, 800 hours is the standard test for the automotive panels for many car brands.

SP01 Outdoor has a similar design approach to the launch collection. At a glance it is pared back and minimal, yet upon closer inspection each piece has a refined detailing. This collection has a heavy focus on the bending of metal wire, which is then mixed beautifully with an earthy natural material palette including marble and timber.

In the chair collection, the beauty of the wire bending process is that the material creates not only a visual intricacy, they are also the basis for the chairs’ functional comfort and strength. The decorative quality, reminiscent of a fine rope is also a by-product of a designing for comfort. 


Wire bent pieces are wonderful due to their sinuous silhouettes and sophisticated details, and can only be made with a world class manufacturer, as the simple design means there is nowhere to hide imperfections.

Designed with an international aesthetic,  SP01 Outdoor is available in a selection of bold yet timeless colours which make the collection usable for both indoors and out.

Discover the entire SP01 Outdoor collection now.

An agency by design: Modern Principle's Andrew Yang and Daphne Tsamis

An agency by design: Modern Principle's Andrew Yang and Daphne Tsamis

SP01 Outdoor profiled in AFR Magazine

SP01 Outdoor profiled in AFR Magazine