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Bold colour, Mexican architecture and SP01 Outdoor

Bold colour, Mexican architecture and SP01 Outdoor

SP01’s design team is not afraid of colour. Both the launch range and new outdoor collection and their corresponding lifestyle campaigns are defined by their confident colour palettes. 

In the interview below Matt Lorrain, SP01’s Head of Product Development and Design, and the collection’s designer Tom Fereday discuss colour and the influence of Mexican architect Luis Barragán on the collection’s striking campaign.

How did you choose the colour palette for the new outdoor collection?

Matt Lorrain: With the colours in the outdoor collection, we wanted them to have a connection to the indoor designs. With outdoor I think we are having a deepening of the blues and pinks that featured in the launch collection. Those pastel colours are becoming deeper into almost jewel colours, and those deeper shades work really well with the salmon tones. There are five colour options for the chairs – black, white, green, blue and salmon.

Tom Fereday: The colours we have chosen for SP01 Outdoor are nice as they are neutral – they aren’t masculine or feminine – and they tie the collection together. Even the pink is neutral.

They are bold but timeless - colours that play well with other colours.
— Tom Fereday

TF: They also have interior potential as well. They don’t look like they should be limited to being purely outdoor.

Can you tell me about the SP01 Outdoor campaign’s art direction?

ML: We wanted the images to be able to sit side-by-side with those from the interior shoot. With the first campaign we wanted it to not feel too real, to have this stage-like feel but not too much. We still wanted people to be able to imagine they could be living with the furniture.

With SP01 Outdoor we wanted it to have that same set like quality. We were looking at the architecture of Luis Barragán and his very graphic compositions of block forms. We were also interested in the Mediterranean almost Mexican finishes you see in his work: super dry, lime wash.

The set also has some nice geometry, which was also a feature in the first campaign, where we had the circles and lines.

With outdoor we have shapes and architectural elements – a staircase etc – so it feels like it could be outdoors.

Matt, you are known around the SP01 office as a bit of a colour trend savant, do you have a prediction for which colours you think are going to be defining interiors in 2017/18?

I still see green as being a really strong direction for colour for 2017. We introduced an intense opal green into this collection that works really well with other deep jewel colours like sapphire blue and ruby red. These rich colours connect really effectively with the existing pastel palette that’s been very strong this year. It enables SP01’s colours to evolve together as a layered palette.

For 2018 I wouldn’t be surprised to see complimentary colours being used in a very graphic way, especially violet-based blues with yellow.

You have to take these things with a grain of salt, we can get a bit caught up on colour trends and ultimately I think colour transcends all of the cycles of fashion and design.

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SP01 on show in Space Furniture's new Brisbane showroom

SP01 on show in Space Furniture's new Brisbane showroom

An agency by design: Modern Principle's Andrew Yang and Daphne Tsamis

An agency by design: Modern Principle's Andrew Yang and Daphne Tsamis